Matthew Watson

For Saugus Union School Board Area 4

Matthew Watson has been a resident of the Saugus area for over 40 years.  He attended school in the Saugus Union School District (SUSD), eventually graduating from Saugus High School.  Receiving his BA in History and his MA in Educational Leadership and Policy, Watson has given his 25-year career to education, as a teacher (grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), principal, teacher trainer, and curriculum expert.  With his own children, who also attended SUSD schools, now grown and in college, Matthew hopes to use his experience and expertise to improve education for all children in the community he loves, the community that helped raise him.

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Strengthen the District’s Social Emotional Learning Programs

21st century learning is not just about being proficient with a computer.  Our students must be able to communicate, collaborate, manage themselves and others, problem solve creatively, and to be curious, adaptable, persistent, and socially and culturally aware.  These are the skills that leaders need.  Our schools MUST teach them, actively and consistently.

Teacher Training & School Resources to Prepare for the Future

The world is changing rapidly and our schools must keep up with the pace.  If our teachers are going to continue to be ranked among the nation’s best, we must invest in them with the training, support, and materials they need.

School Safety

I will never forget the phone call I received on November 14, 2019 telling me that there had been a shooting at my son’s school.  The tragedy at Saugus High School and the current pandemic that keeps our students away from our schools are two sharp reminders that our students’ health and safety must be priority #1.


All three of these issues seem to compete for our attention and funding, but that is not the case.  A strong Social Emotional Learning program and well trained teachers and staff are both important components to keeping our children safe, happy, and thriving.